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Your Pet Deserve Best

Unique patented design, the perfect combination of art & technology.


Soothing appearance design gets the patients out of fear.

Integrated battery maximize the mobility and flexibility.

Built-in patient management system, up to 200 protocols.

Our R&D team can perfectly meet your customized requirements.


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses electromagnetic energy interacting chemically and biologically with tissue to produce “photo-bio-stimulation” or “photo-bio- modulation”. Laser Therapy has been widely in use in the United States extensively since 2002 and has been cleared by the FDA.

P1 Laser

Studies show Laser Therapy Helps with

━ Pain

━ Reducing Swelling

━ Joint Pain

━ Ligament Sprains

━ Puncture Wounds

━ Post Surgical Pain

━ Chronic Wounds

━ Post Surgical Recovery

Increasing Range of Motion


Tendon Injuries

Muscle Strains

Post-Traumatic Injury

Hip Dysplasia


Hot Spots / Skin Disorders